By Consumer NZ's Research & Test Writer Kate Harvey

Since my boy turned two, I’ve learnt to second-guess myself when there’s something I want to buy him.

There’ve been so many duds – the play mat that couldn’t be machine-washed, the thermometer he won’t let near him, and what was I thinking with a nasal aspirator? However, the Arc Assistant Learning Tower isn’t one of them.

The Learning Tower lets little ones stand up at the kitchen bench so you don’t have to hold them or perch them on the bench. When it popped up in my Facebook feed, I had visions of chopping veges while little Ed watched on. But I also wondered whether I could just pull his high chair up to the bench.

Alas, the marketing messages were too strong. The website claims the tower will “help increase your toddler’s daily brain development simply and seamlessly every day during their first three years when 80% of their brains develop”. Take my money!

Setting upSafe, secure and still a hitThe downside that's also an upside

Cleaning is as easy as a wipe down with a soapy cloth. Crumbs do fall through a gap and sit on a piece called the front door lock (it’s a panel that slides under the standing platform). This can be easily pulled out and given a wipe too.


Despite my initial scepticism, the Learning Tower has become one of the best purchases I’ve made over the past couple of years. There’s something special about my boy being right up at the bench that wouldn’t be the same if he was just in his high chair and pulled up close. We can share the same bench space and he’s up higher, so can see everything that’s going on. It feels like we’re a team when he’s in it and there are more opportunities for him to learn.

Published on 20, June 2020

Check out the crucial and rigorous safety testing that The Arc Assistant Learning Tower has been put through below.

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The Arc Assistant Original learning tower complies with crucial AU/NZ safety tests

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