FAQ's - Learning Tower 5 Questions to Ask

What should I know before purchasing a Learning Tower?


There are 5 key questions to ask yourself before purchasing a learning tower to help support your child's SAFE development.


    1. Will the Learning Tower tip over with my child in it. How do I know that it is stable? The Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower has been put through rigorous AU/NZ safety testing. It is compliant with the Stability Test 5.12.6,  Overload Test 5.12.5 & Tip Over Test 5.24.3 (see details here).

    1. What weight limit has the Learning Tower been tested to? The Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower is compliant with the Overload Test 5.12.5. To be compliant with this, it withheld 240kg during safety testing. This means we can claim up to 1/3 of this weight for safe use. Thus, The Arc Assistant Learning Tower is safe to up to 80kg (see details here).

    2. Are there large gaps in the Learning Tower's walls that my child could fall through or small gaps where they could get their limbs stuck? The Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower has been engineered so that there are no small holes to get limbs stuck, or large gaps to fall through (see details here).

    3. Are the materials that the Learning Tower is made of safe and compliant? The Arc Assistant's board from which it is made complies with the Material Quality Test 4.3.1 & Wooden Toys Test 4.7 (see details here).

    4. Has the Learning Tower been put through any testing to ensure it will last? Take a look here at the crucial tests for a Learning Tower to ensure that it is safe for your child (see details here).

Arc Assistant Learning tower with safety testing detailsCurated, considered design is crucial when developing Learning Towers for children. Our children in our society are our most vulnerable little people and must be cared for and supplied child friendly products that have been put through the appropriate rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and worthy of their use. This is why the New Zealand made Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower has been safety tested to a crucial and a rigorous degree.



Is the Arc Assistant Learning Tower made in New Zealand?

It certainly is! At Arc NZ Baby we believe in more than just designing products in New Zealand, but in making them here too. The workmanship of the Arc Assistant is premium in quality! We also like to support 'the man next door'. In addition, making our kitchen helper stools in New Zealand also means we're not polluting the environment by shipping products thousands of miles. 


Do you have a physical shop where I can purchase the Arc Assistant Learning Tower?

As Arc NZ Baby is in its infancy we’ve launched solely online. This also helps us keep prices down for you. To help make your shopping experience easy, we have included photographs of our products from various angles. If you have questions we have included our 0800 number to assist you and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


How do I know if my Learning Tower purchase has been processed?

Once you complete your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Delivery of your Learning Tower will occur within two weeks. Once your Learning Tower has been dispatched directly to you, you will receive a second email from the team at Arc NZ Baby to share the tracking details for your new Arc Assistant Learning Tower.   


How can I pay for my Learning Tower?

We accept payment via Visa and MasterCard, debit cards and Zip. Zip is an Australasian company, where, when used, you still receive your Arc Assistant Learning Tower within two weeks from order, but pay it off in four equal (interest free) fortnightly payments.


Can I use a discount code for my online Arc Assistant Learning Tower order?

If you have a valid discount code, you simply need to type the discount code into the box named ‘Discount Code’ at the check out stage during your online purchase. Only one discount code can be used per order.

If our website is not processing or accepting your discount after a valid discount code is entered. Please email us your purchase order number and discount code to: info@arcnzltd.com


Can I track my Learning Tower order?

Absolutely you can. Upon product dispatch of your Arc Assistant, you’ll receive an email from us with your order tracking number and easy instructions for how to use your tracking number to track your order.

Does Arc NZ Baby have product warranties?

We certainly do, at Arc NZ Baby we offer you a 365 day warranty(*) from date of order for the person who places the order.

(*) The warranty covers manufacturing defects. The warranty excludes wear and tear or damage caused by use, accident or failure to follow warnings, assembly or maintenance instructions. 


How do I make a warranty claim?

Please email us at info@arcnzltd.com with your purchase receipt and photos of the defect and we’ll try our best to help you.


Is your Arc Assistant 5 in 1 out of stock? 

Currently our Arc Assistant 5 in 1s are out of stock. This is because we are focusing on keeping up with and fulfilling the huge order numbers for the Arc Assistant 3 in 1s and Arc Assistant Original Learning Towers. As an alternative, we suggest considering the Arc Assistant 3 in 1. This is an upgrade from the Arc Assistant Original. It has the safety tested Learning Tower function, plus the Toy Box and the Island Bench conversions, all from the one product. 


Will I the Learning Tower I order match how it looks in the photos on your website?

We’ve tried very hard to depict the Learning Towers as they are,. This is why we always use photographs of the actual Learning Tower models that you're able to order. We cannot account for slight colour variances that are apparent between computers and physical products.


Can I subscribe to receive updates from Arc NZ Baby about your Learning Towers and other up and coming product launches?

Yes, we welcome you to join our Tribe. To do this, simply select the ‘Newsletters’ button at the bottom of our website and fill in your details. The Arc Assistant, our great new learning tower is the first of many more products to come. 


Can I un-subscribe from receiving updates from Arc NZ Baby?

Yes, definitely. To action this, you simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the email received from us.


Do I need to assemble my Arc Assistant Learning Tower myself?

Depending of which product you purchase, possibly. If you’ve chosen our hero product - The Arc Assistant, this requires very simple assembly (even my 94 year our Nana could have of done it).

* 90 seconds = Average assembly time

* 5 = The number of assembly steps

* Just hands = No tools or screws required

* Instructions = With your Arc Assistant you’ll receive clear written and pictorial instructions to guide you with the assembly.

* 39 seconds = Fastest assembly record shared with us, to date…


I think my Learning Tower has a fault in it. What do I do?

At Arc NZ Baby providing our clients with the highest level of quality is extremely important to us. For this reason our Arc Assistant has been designed by us at Arc in New Zealand, developed and rigorously safety tested in New Zealand and made with love in New Zealand too. If you receive a faulty product from us, firstly we’re very sorry and will act quickly to help. To help us respond efficiently, please email us at info@arcnzltd.com and provide your order number and the name of the faulty product with a description of the defect (if you can please include photos, even better).


What do I do if I have been sent the wrong Learning Tower?

If you receive the wrong product from us, firstly we’re very sorry and will act quickly to rectify this for you. To help us respond quickly, please email us at info@arcnzltd.com and provide your order number, the name and details of the incorrect product you received.


I saw a promotion on your Website and Facebook page the other day and now it’s not there. Will you run the same offer again?

We run promotions to help share our Arc NZ Baby love with you and to also spread the word about our hero The Arc Assistant. If a promotion is no longer visible online, this means it has finished. We’re always working on new and exciting promotional offers for you and your friends and family, so please check back on our website and if you’re keen, follow and like us on Facebook as it won’t be long until we’re sharing some cool activity ideas for making the most of your Arc Assistant or a new Arc challenge to win cool stuff.

If you’re keen to keep in touch, we welcome you to join our Tribe too. To do this, simply select the ‘Newsletters’ button at the bottom of our website and fill in your details.


Where are your Learning Towers dispatched from?

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company. We are proud that our Arc Assistant has not only been designed, developed and tested in New Zealand, but it is also 100% made in New Zealand too. We dispatch our products from New Zealand and do not import.