ARC ASSISTANT 5 IN 1 Highchair, Learning Tower, Toy Box, Bookshelf & Bench

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Why purchase the Arc Assistant 5 in 1 Learning Tower? 

It is 5 products in 1 - converting in seconds from the LEARNING TOWER to a HIGH CHAIR, BOOKSHELF (OR DOLL'S HOUSE), TOY BOX & ISLAND BENCH.
Learning tower Arc Assistant baking Learning tower Arc Assistant brain development
They need the Learning tower Arc Assistant  Learning tower Arc Assistant is safety tested
 Learning tower Arc Assistant fun with mum 

Facilitates Crucial Brain Development + No More Stress For You

  • Your toddler can stand safely up at bench height with you to connect and bond
  • Help your toddler’s brain development. Nathan Wallis Neuroscience expert emphasises that connecting with your child as much as possible during their first 1000 days is crucial to their brain development.
  • The kinaesthetic learning activities are endless – Nutritional food prep, block play, puzzle play, water play, counting, reading, sound exploration, painting, drawing, building, play dough play… (and the list goes on)
  • Assembles in less than 60 seconds with no tools or screws required
  • Fully adjustable standing platform height. The Arc Assistant will grow with your child and last for years. Then use as a Toy Box!!
  • Scandinavian style design, natural and arctic white finish, a stylish addition to any home
  • 100% New Zealand made and safety tested

The Solution To Your Daily Challenges!

  • A secure and safe sanctuary for your toddler to happily play and learn
  • Solves the constant problem of your little one wanting ‘UP’
    • No more balancing your toddler on the bench
    • No more balancing your toddler on a chair
    • No more holding your little one on your hip while trying to prepare meals
    • Safer for your own back alignment and less taxing on your body and mind
  • Prevent your toddler from reaching dangerous appliances, like knives, kettles and cords       

Safety Tested At Accredited IANZ Laboratory

    • No shapes cut out of walls as these would be climbing hazards
    • Safety feet (side and back) to prevent tipping
    • Tested to hold 80kg. To state this has been tested with 3 times this weight
    • Standing platform locks in place
    • Four walls lock in place
    • Safety bungs for standing platform holes when platform lowered down
    • The Arc Assistant Highchair complies with Highchair Safety standard: AS/NZS4684 2009 and is made in New Zealand
    • The complimentary highchair harness that is delivered with The Arc Assistant 5 in 1, complies with Highchair Safety standard: AS/NZS4684 2009 and is made in China. 

Specifications of the The Arc Assistant 5 in 1

  • Water resistant, New Zealand made fibreboard with double sided arctic white laminate.
  • Easy clean with warm soapy water. 
  • Dimensions (approx) 93cm X 69cm X 14cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight of total package (for the five user functions), approximately 35kg
  • Weight when assembled into The Arc Assistant Original form, approximately 20kg
  • Always read and follow safety warnings and instructions and assembly instructions

What Are You Waiting For?

Take back your stress-free kitchen and support your toddler’s daily brain development like so many other parents, childcare teachers, grandparents and celebrities all across New Zealand and Australia. Plus have your Learning Tower convert to a High Chair, Bookshelf (or Doll's House), Toy Box and Island Bench, it lasts for years and converts back for other children too. 
Orders for delivery within New Zealand will be delivered within 14 days.