Unveiling the Arc House: Where Imagination Meets Functionality

In the realm of childhood creativity and exploration, the Arc House stands tall as a testament to ingenuity and versatility. 100% crafted in New Zealand, this 2-in-1 playhouse and kids' desk redefines the concept of play and learning, seamlessly blending functionality with imagination.

Little girl drawing at her Arc House kids desk and playhouse in 1

Crafted Excellence from New Zealand

The Arc House epitomises superior craftsmanship and quality, proudly made in New Zealand. Built using premium materials, this innovative creation reflects a commitment to excellence, durability, and eco-consciousness.

Dual Functionality: Playhouse & Kids' Desk

This exceptional piece of kids' furniture transcends conventional boundaries. During playtime, it transforms into a captivating playhouse, igniting children's imaginations with its charming design and interactive elements. As a kids' desk, it provides a dedicated dual sided space for learning, creativity, and organisation, promoting focus and productivity.

Inspiring Creativity and Exploration

The Arc House is more than a structure; it's a haven for boundless creativity and exploration. With its thoughtfully designed features, such as ample space to rest pens, paper and books, and customisable space, it encourages children to dream, play, and learn in a stimulating environment that nurtures their budding imaginations.

Safety, Durability, and Convenience

Safety is paramount in the design of the Arc House. Its sturdy New Zealand construction, and rounded edges ensure a secure and child-friendly environment. The durable materials used make it easy to clean, maintain, and withstand the rigours of playful adventures.

Interactive Learning Hub

As a kids' desk, the 2 in 1 Arc House becomes a hub for interactive learning. With its double sided roof acting as a double sided desk, kids can play harmoniously together. The dual sided kids' desk helps prevent fighting over pens and promotes individual creativity. The roof's guttering on each side, becomes the pen and book haven, while the ergonomic easel like angled design promotes endless hours of fun and learning. 

In Summary

The Arc House is a marvel in the world of childhood furniture, blending innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal seamlessly. As children step into this versatile space, their imagination takes flight, merging play and learning in an environment that stimulates curiosity and fosters development.

Girl playing with her teddies under the Arc House kids indoor playhouse

From imaginative play sessions within its whimsical walls to focused study hours at the kids' desk, the 2 in 1 Arc House stands as a beacon of creativity and functionality, enriching the lives of children and families across New Zealand by nurturing a world where imagination knows no bounds.