Arc NZ Baby collaborates with childcare centre owners and developers to design custom, distinctive spaces that prioritise child development, ensuring their centres stand out by offering unique environments tailored to enhance learning and growth.

Custom Design

Childcare Centre Furniture

Furniture for Development

Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Toddler Furniture

Kids' Furniture

Childcare Centre Furniture

Designed for your centre

Calming Spaces

Custom Reading Nooks

Green Spaces - Indoors

Sensory Play

Oak Child Furniture

Custom NZ Made

Interactive Play

Play to Learn

accessibility of spaces

Fostering Child Development

Natural Light

Boosting Mood

Promoting Inclusion

Sense of Belonging

Stimulating environments

Bringing outdoors in

Modular Childcare furniture

Fostering child adaptability

Fluid Movement

Spatial awareness


Promoting development

Calming Tones

Toddler Behaviour

organic shapes

Toddler behaviour

childcare modular furniture

adaptable environments

Toddler Learning Through Play

Balanced Play

Different play spaces

Toddler motor skills

physical play spaces

Balanced Learning

decor colour palettes

Calming effects

exciting spaces for toddlers

Learning and socialising

Reading bean bags

Relaxation Spaces

Reading nooks

Custom Childcare Centre Furniture

Dreamlike spaces

Stand out from others

Toddler cognitive growth

Toddler independent exploration

Plants in a childcare centre

Promoting a tranquil environments


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