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We’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by all the feedback that has been arriving in our inbox, thank you.


"The supporting walls are great as they assist our toddler to stand up at bench height with us"
"The modular design meant easy assembly, with no tools. I made The Arc Assistant in 90 seconds!"
"The height adjustable standing platform means I will use the Arc Assistant for years with my child"
"The removable front wall, allows me to place my 3 year old in the Arc Assistant without having to lift them over the top"
"My toddler's occupied and happy while I make dinner (therefore I’m happy too!)"


The Arc Assistant Learning Tower Collection was designed with a clear vision. 

 We listened to the struggles that many Kiwi parents are having around the need to juggle meal preparation with looking after toddlers at the same time. We heard over and over about little ones getting under their feet, wanting ‘up’ or on the bench and playing the disappearing act, all while meals are trying to be prepared. The pressure for parents to multi-task was an understatement.

 ..Our Arc Assistant Learning Towers have been 100% designed by Arc NZ Baby here in New Zealand and safety tested to make your life with your little ones around meal prep easier, a whole lot more fun, safe, educational and not to mention stress free.