• kids furniture, kids stool. Bench activities for toddlers
  • Kids water play in the Arc Assistant. NZ Made toddler safety-fun stool. Innovation NZ Made kids furniture
  • Baking with mum in the kitchen in her Arc Assistant, Toddler Safety-Fun Stool. NZ Made kids furniture. More than just a kids chair
  • Arc Assistant 5 in 1. Highchair, Toy Box, Bookshelf, Toddler Safety-Fun Stool, Toy Box and Island Bench
  • New Kids furniture, not a kids chair, but the Arc Assistant, new Toddler Safety-Fun Stool to enable toddlers to get up to bench height safely.
  • Smiles in the Arc Assistant, Toddler Safety-Fun Stool.  The best little helper after using a high chair
The Arc Assistant is 100% Made in New Zealand


  • Toddler happy to be in his Arc Assistant. He's King of the castle
  • Toddler loving being up high in his Arc Assistant in the kitchen with his parents
  • Toddler being taught to count in his Arc Assistant
  • Toddler waiting for his bench toys, standing in his Arc Assistant
  • Toddler happy with his muffins, made in his Arc Assistant