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Advocated for by Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience educator. Watch Interview:

The NZ made Arc Assistant Original Learning Towers are the ONLY Toddler Kitchen Helper Towers with:

1. Safety Compliance! Which is crucial for keeping your child safe in a Learning Tower. (DOWNLOAD FREE SAFETY CHECKLIST & compliance details below).

2. Advocacy from Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience Expert (watch his interview above).

3. An amazing Consumer NZ Review.

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Loved and used by...

Nathan Wallis, Nadia Lim, Anika Moa, Dorothy Waide, Laura McGoldrick, Toni Street, Valerie Adams and Carly Flynn. Also featured by Stuff, Tots to Teens, Baby on the Move, Babyology, Trends and many more amazing New Zealanders and Australians.

Imagine if you could...

Increase your toddler’s daily brain development every day in their first 3 years when 80% of their brains develop. Plus take back your stress-free kitchen, with no more little ones under feet, balanced your hip or precariously on an unsafe stool. 


Simply by including your toddler and having them stand up at the bench beside you in The Arc Assistant Learning Tower. The Arc Assistant facilitates 1000s of extra connected activities with you. The more connected activities with you in the Arc Assistant Learning Tower during their first 1000 days the better their brains develop during this crucial time.

Arc Assistant Learning Tower dimensions when assembled (aka The Kitchen Helper Tower):
  • Front Height = 850mm (fits under most bench tops)
  • Internal depth and width = 350mm square
  • Top platform height from the floor = 390mm
  • Middle platform height from the floor = 290mm
  • Lowest platform height from the floor = 190mm

Arc Assistant Learning Tower Safety Tested Checklist in black and yellow

Arc Assistant Learning Tower REviews


“I love that the Arc Assistant Learning Tower facilitates hours and hours of extra face to face time for toddlers during their formative years. 80% of the brain is developed by age three and connected secure activities are imperative during this time. The fact that the Arc Assistant Learning Tower has been rigorously safety tested at an IANZ accredited lab gives me confidence in using it with my grandchildren. It is for this reason and the fact that it helps facilitate so much daily parent and child connection, that I endorse the Arc Assistant.”

Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience Educator


"Despite my initial scepticism, the Arc Assistant Learning Tower has become one of the best purchases I’ve made over the past couple of years. There’s something special about my boy being right up at the bench that wouldn’t be the same if he was just in his high chair and pulled up close. We can share the same bench space and he’s up higher, so can see everything that’s going on. It feels like we’re a team when he’s in it and there are more opportunities for him to learn."

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Kate Harvey, Test Writer, Consumer NZ

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